Our solution

Trigrr’s technology can be seen as an universal language that can interact with any building systems (lights, audio, video, HVAC, security, …)
whatever the communication protocol (KNX, DALI, PJLink, BacNet, DMX, Niko, Velbus…) or the type of connected device (monitor, screen, beamer, lamp, ….).

Trigrr’s solution can be divided into 3 components:

One app to control it all

The Trigrr app works on any device: smartphone, tablet or computer. The app can be accessed within the building only or also remote in function of IT security policy. The app is personalized to the specificities of the building and according to user profiles. Every building is split into zones and every zone contains the controls of individual systems (e.g. switch a TV) or to trigger scenario (e.g. « turn on the conference room »). The colors and the icones can also be personalized to reflect the brand identity of the building.

Trigrr’s software on premise

Because stability, security and reliability are of paramount importance in a professionnal environment, our software is installed on building’s premise. The software is usually installed on a dedicated server and connected to the LAN of the customer. Our software connects with most of the communicating protocol on the building landscape like KNX, Bacnet, DALI, etc…

Intuitive configuration in the cloud

The Trigrr Configurator, called the Studio, is a web-based application through which your installation partner (or your internal services or your facility manager) will personalize the solution according to your needs and the specificities of your building and systems. This is one of the major benefit of the solution, your partner can easily personalize the configuration and also make it evolve over time with ease.

We connect with any communicating
device whatever the protocol

Not in the list, if your device can communicate, it can be integrated in Trigrr

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