Hotel Van Der Valk

Before there was a guard doing a tour of the hotel at night to switch off the ligths, verify every screen and every windows. Now, everything is automated via Trigrr and happens every nigth at 10 p.m. No need to worry, it is taking care off.

This is certainly a solution I would recommend to my fellow colleagues of the hospitality sector.

Bob Worhmann
Managing Director

The request

The direction wanted their newly renovated building to be their flagship in terms of customer experience and operations efficiency.

Proposed solution

The Trigrr sofware has been installed to manage the restaurant, the bar, the wellness and all other common places. Every business room has been equiped with a fixed tablet on the wall. You will not find any regular switches on the walls in the Van Der Valk, everything (lights, screen, ventilation) is controlled from tablets. 

Interconnected systems

  • All the lightning (light DALI managed through a Helvar bridge coupled with Niko Home Control 2)
  • All screens, tablets and the projectors in every conference room (Optoma – PJLink projector and Philips / Iiyama screens)
  • The audio through a Bose Sound System matrix / Mix tables Behringer / Shure micros
  • The videos sources are distributed through a HDbase Bluestream matrice
  • Ventilation via Velbus system
  • Stores and projection screens via Niko Home


Final word

“Most of the Smart Systems we were presented were proprietary and asked us to buy hardware from the same brand. Furthermore, they were limited to a few systems. Trigrr was the only solution that could really interconnect all systems independently of their brand or communication protocol.

You have a dream ? We can realize it




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