How to aggregate commercial building data for ESG reporting

    The data collection nightmare

    Disclosing environmental, social and governance (ESG) information has become a business imperative in recent years to ensure that companies communicate their commitments to stakeholders and the wider world.

    Investors are increasingly using these non-financial disclosure reports in their analysis to determine risks and opportunities. Potential commercial building tenants are also keen to examine a building’s ESG credentials when choosing where to locate their staff.

    By implementing an energy efficiency strategy in your commercial real estate, you’re not only making a commitment to our planet, but you’re also making your property more attractive to companies who are looking for a greener building that aligns with their own ESG engagements, as well as providing a more comfortable occupancy experience for their employees.

    The key to creating detailed, comprehensive ESG reports is, of course, data. The tech stack in a commercial building consists of a whole raft of technologies from varied brands to control the numerous services within the building. All these technologies have their own control applications and dashboards, so drawing the relevant data together to present in an ESG report can be a data collation nightmare.

    But it doesn’t have to be. This is where a building operating system, like Trigrr, really comes into its own.

    A building that talks

    With a universal building operating system (BOS) like Trigrr, you can aggregate data from all the services within the building, including HVAC, BMS, IoT, lifts, audio-visual equipment, access control and lighting so the building can talk to you in a single language and a seamless way.

    Thanks to the solution’s powerful dashboard functionality, landlords and property managers can build their own clear overview of how the building is performing in real time via accurate, visual reporting that combines trends and insights from any smart device.

    The data Trigrr aggregates can also feed into your ESG reporting without having to perform multiple data extractions and consolidations. Trigrr listens to what the building is telling you and brings it all together in a central place.

    A building that listens

    A BOS isn’t just a data layer solution, though. When Trigrr talks, the building listens and the BOS can orchestrate all technologies to generate a holistic control experience.

    The superpower of a BOS like Trigrr is that it enables you to control the building’s services via a single dashboard and create smart scenarios. This can include routines to switch lights, music and screens off at a certain time of day, or to automatically prepare for a scheduled meeting by adjusting heating, lighting, and blinds, while monitoring CO2 levels. This harmonious approach provides a pleasant, comfortable environment for building tenants.

    A building that listens to what the BOS is saying can become more energy efficient and emit less CO2 and you can then demonstrate this via the data you provide in your ESG reporting.

    Control is key

    This two-way communication between the building and the Trigrr dashboard puts owners in full control of their tech stack so they can adapt the building’s behavior in real time and create the most energy-efficient blend of service technologies to suit tenants’ changing activities and needs.

    With the enhanced, seamless control provided by a universal BOS comes reduced energy costs, a higher ROI and a much greater chance of achieving those all-important ESG goals. In this way, you can communicate your commitments to interested parties with the data to back it up and the confidence to continue meeting your environmental, social and governance goals well into the future.


    Compatible with 80,000+ devices, including lifts, audio, video, hvac, IoT, lighting and access control systems, Trigrr is a unified building operating system for running your commercial real estate efficiently.

    Trigrr is like the Android operating system for building technology, making it easy to control everything seamlessly from different mobile devices accessing a single platform. Property managers, owners and tenants can interact in real time with all technical solutions installed in the building.

    Combining hardware, software and data into one agnostic platform, Trigrr delivers a “no code” interface to manage smart buildings in an intuitive way, without anyone needing to script the interactions.

    Are you ready to listen to what your building’s telling you so you can bring your ESG reports and commitments to life? Time to take a look at Trigrr!

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