Why should you consider using a BOS in a building retrofit?

    The low-tech approach to retrofit buildings

    While new buildings can be designed and built with energy efficiency in mind, we need to acknowledge that 80% of the buildings that will be standing in 2050 have already been built.

    25% of a building’s energy-related emissions come from the construction process, transport and materials and these are known as embodied carbon emissions. Demolishing older buildings to build new ones in their place is counter-productive from a carbon emissions perspective. The waste generated by demolition and construction is also a huge problem.

    There is a growing business case for retrofitting existing buildings with energy-efficient materials. Certifications such as BREEAM help owners follow the best practices, such as improving insulation to provide increased comfort for tenants and decrease energy costs. However, retrofitting is also about deploying the latest smart technology to control the building's services efficiently.

    A retrofit might seem like a daunting task, and you might also be concerned about how energy-intensive the technology could be. But there is a low-tech solution for your retrofit that aligns with the idea of digital sobriety, an approach that aims to reduce the environmental impact of the tech we use in our day-to-day lives. That solution is a building operation system, otherwise known as a BOS.

    Make your building smart again

    Your building already has a whole host of technology controlling elevators, HVAC, lighting, access control, audio and video, and more. Do you need to invest in replacing all these solutions with new technology? Absolutely not.

    You might also be concerned about adding new smart devices to the mix and creating an even more complicated tech stack with multiple existing and new devices and protocols all under separate control.

    Well, with a building operating system like Trigrr, which is compatible with most different protocols and brands, you can unify your new and existing building technologies under one roof. Many devices already use open protocols, which Trigrr can harness so that they can be controlled, monitored and managed in real time, enabling property owners and landlords to orchestrate a truly smart building in a more streamlined and affordable way.

    Lower retrofit costs

    A powerful way to limit your retrofit costs is to retain as much of your existing technology as possible, and this is where building operating systems like Trigrr come into their own. The BOS gives you the power to create truly smart scenarios in your building, enabling your devices to work in harmony to reduce energy consumption (and the associated costs) and improve occupant comfort.

    The cost-effective Trigrr license fee will be quickly absorbed by the savings you’ll make by retaining your kit and improving energy efficiency.

    And that’s not all. With Trigrr’s BOS, you only need one installation to access all technologies and data in your commercial building or portfolio. Reduced complexity also leads to reduced costs.

    A building operating system really is the key to a successful and cost-effective retrofit because it allows you to combine old and modern technologies into a unified solution.


    Compatible with 80,000+ devices, including lifts, HVAC, IoT, lighting and access control systems, Trigrr is a unified building operating system for running your commercial real estate efficiently.

    It also enables seamless integration with proptech apps made by different manufacturers so all your tenants can use their preferred tech without creating a complex spaghetti-like integration structure that is costly to maintain.

    Trigrr is like the Android operating system for building technology, making it easy to control everything with ease from different mobile devices accessing a single platform. Property managers, owners and tenants can interact in real time with the technical solutions installed in the building.

    Combining hardware, software and data into one agnostic platform, Trigrr delivers a “no code” interface to manage smart buildings in an intuitive way, without anyone needing to script the interactions.

    Are you ready to take a low-tech approach to reducing the impact and costs of your retrofit project? Time to deploy Trigrr!

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