How to connect multiple Proptech applications in the same smart building

    Tenants want their favorite apps

    There’s a whole wealth of proptech applications available today that are being used to enhance and enrich the smart building experience for occupants and tenants, as well as reduce energy and operational costs for building owners.

    These applications include HqO, Sharry, SmartSpaces, Spaceflow, Chainels, Space OS or Zapfloor to support a whole host of building controls, such as access, room booking, hot-desking, visitor management and a whole lot more.

    For parking management, solutions such as Commuty or Izix will optimize parking slot reservations and streamline visitor access, while BrainBox AI, Enersee, Builtwins and DeltaQ are powerful AI solutions to help you optimize energy use.

    As an owner of a commercial building, you often have the juggling act of combining the needs of multiple building tenants, who all want to use their preferred apps to manage their own workspaces, and this can be a headache if you don’t have the right setup in place.

    With the need for different smart solutions running on different floors, how can you integrate these tenant-specific systems with your common building technologies without it costing the earth?

    Problems: Cost and compatibility

    The first problem with integrating all these apps into a single building is the installation cost. Each time an app is integrated into the building management system to control some of the tech, there’s an associated cost. If you have four different apps controlling the HVAC within the building, that’s four separate invoices to pay for these individual integrations.

    And what if a tenant wants to install a new app? At the very least, you’ll have additional integration costs, but if the new app isn’t compatible with your building tech, you may be forced to consider the effort and expense of changing your building management system. And would you really want to do that?

    Here comes the BOS!

    A Building Operating System (BOS), like Trigrr, is a way of unifying all building technologies under one roof so that they can be controlled, monitored and managed in real time, enabling property owners and landlords to orchestrate a truly smart building in a more streamlined and affordable way.

    With data and controls for all technical equipment (IoT, HVAC, lighting, lifts) in a central location to ensure interoperability regardless of brand or protocol, it becomes much easier to integrate additional apps later, as all devices are controlled through a single, secure API.

    A BOS like Trigrr gives you one channel for all applications within one building or real estate portfolio, simplifying and streamlining your tech setup while still allowing for full flexibility for your tenants, who might want to use their chosen apps to tailor their building experience.

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      Reduce your costs

      With Trigrr’s BOS, you only need one installation to access all technologies and data in your commercial building or portfolio and this makes it easy to integrate third-party apps. Reduced complexity inevitably leads to reduced costs.

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      Stay flexible

      Trigrr provides a more future-proof solution because you’ll no longer need to worry about custom integrations adding to an increasingly complex spaghetti-like API structure.

      If a tenant wants to switch to an app from a new provider, no problem. Trigrr is designed to help you do this in a secure and seamless way.

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      Data and authorization in one place

      When you use a building operating system like Trigrr, you can provide tailored access to applications within specific parts of the building, such as a particular workspace, floor or department.

      It gives your tenants ultimate flexibility, as one could be using Sharry on the fifth floor while another has chosen to use SpaceOS on the second floor.

      The cherry on the cake with Trigrr is that all your building-level data remains centralized in the BOS layer, giving you the perfect combination of central control and distributed apps.

    Bringing it all together

    The availability of a vast array of different apps to control different aspects of the building experience is great for tenants, as they can pick and choose the tech to suit their needs.

    But just like on your smartphone, all these apps need to be brought together so that they can interact in a harmonious and seamless way.

    Your smartphone needs an OS, so why wouldn’t your building?


    Compatible with 80,000+ devices, including lifts, IoT, HVAC, audio, video, lighting and access control systems, Trigrr is a unified building operating system for running your commercial real estate efficiently.

    It brings together different apps made by different manufacturers so all your tenants can use their preferred tech without creating a complex spaghetti-like integration structure that is costly to maintain.

    Trigrr is like the Android operating system for building technology, making it easy to control everything seamlessly from different mobile devices accessing a single platform. Property managers, owners and tenants can interact in real time with the technical solutions installed in the building.

    Combining hardware, software and data into one agnostic platform, Trigrr delivers a “no code” interface to manage smart buildings in an intuitive way, without anyone needing to script the interactions.

    Are you ready to combine all your tenants’ proptech solutions into one smart building?

    Time to deploy Trigrr!

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