Accredited Solution by WiredScore

    72 SmartScore credits

    Trigrr is a WiredScore's Accredited Solution. Our Building Operating System achieves an amazing result of 72 credits against the SmartScore scorecard V2.

    This brand new version of SmartScore is more accurate and challenging than ever before, despite of this evolution Trigrr comes from 64.5 in V1.2 to 72 credits in V2.

    WiredScore's seal of approval is a strong endorsement for Trigrr. Real estate owners that trust our BOS can be confident that they are using a world-class solution capable of delivering an outstanding ROI.

    Did you know that when you trust an accredited solution by WiredScore, you automatically obtain the number of credits assigned to the solution?

    With Trigrr, your building can already receive up to 72 credits and easily be awarded with the highest SmartScore certification levels.

    4 Areas of Excellence

    The SmartScore Scorecard V2 consists of 37 User Functionalities (UF) in 6 sections.

    Trigrr demonstrates a high level of performance in almost all User Functionalities across the Scorecard. We are proud that our BOS has been awarded by 4 Areas of Excellence, highlighting our specialization in the following areas: Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing, Access & Navigation, and Communities & Services. "These features are key to delivering a smart building and Trigrr scores impressively across the board".

    Trigrr also meets 9 Technological Foundation (TF) on 12 with the highest scores on: Building Automation and Control, Cybersecurity Policy Implementation, and Data Ownership and Segmentation.

    Please contact us if you are interested in the full WiredScore report on Trigrr.

    What is SmartScore?

    SmartScore is the global smart building certification thatevaluates, improves, benchmarks and promotes cuttingedge smart technology in the built world.

    The global standard for smart buildings, SmartScore certification helps landlords and developers build cuttingedge smart buildings that deliver exceptional user experiences, drive cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability, and are fully future-proof.

    If the building meets strict criteria for reliable, secure, and future-ready in-building technology, they are awarded one of the four SmartScore certification levels to reflect their excellence.

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