Release note

    Trigrr 4.6 : Speed up building intelligence

    Perfomance enhancements

    This new version of Trigrr speed up building automation with new functionnality and interface improvements.

    Faster Loading Times

    Rapidly access essential functions such as the device list, connection wizard, sequencer, My Building menu, ensuring swift and responsive control.

    Full-Text Search

    Conduct comprehensive searches within the system, you can now ask for "lighting in the board room" and gets all the lights in this space without using filters. Gone are the days when you could only search one field at a time.

    Custom Space Variables

    Create custom variables for spaces (e.g., isOccupied, isNight) to eliminate repetitive sequences. Features like "All On" and "All Off" can be triggered from any button, switch, or sequence, cascading throughout the building.

    Device Properties Editing

    Easily edit device properties directly within the device list grid, streamlining configuration management.

    Auto-discovery with Siemens Desigo CC

    A brand new auto-discovery feature gives you the ability to automatically import all devices and functions associated with the Siemens Desigo CC. A time-saving improvement to combine the power of a BMS with the full interoperability enabled by Trigrr BOS.

    This much-awaited Auto-discovery feature will be implemented for other BMS, brands and protocols in the comings weeks!

    Comprehensive Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Monitoring and control of "Trigrr engine": Memory consumption tracking, cloud connection status and service restart.
    • Enhanced security for object access across projects.
    • Resolution of bugs in the Trigrr Engine, preventing inconsistent application states.
    • Removal of unused fields in the interface.
    • Improved Cloud solution logging.
    • Faster revision deployment.
    • Access logs directly from the cloud interface (BOS), simplifying troubleshooting and data analysis.

    Any technical questions or requests? Please feel free to contact our dev team.

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