Trigrr 5.0 : a completely new interface

    Product release

    Introducing the Trigrr Mode Switcher

    Trigrr 5.0 will reveal a completely new user interface, designed after a deep user experience research. We make it accessible for any building occupants thus reducing wasted time and money.

    The navigation between functionalities has also been reinvented with a user-centric approach. Different modes have been created to better respond to the needs of each typology of user: integrators, asset managers, owners, tenants and end users.

    Each user has his dedicated mode

    The Trigrr product team introduces 3 specific modes inspired by the building lifecycle: build, manage and operate.

    Each mode has its own navigation with the most relevant functionalities for that particular need.

    Of course, according to their responsibilities, users can switch from one mode to another thanks to a beautiful switcher displayed at the bottom of the screen and available through a colored drop-down menu.

    • 01


      The configuration mode is now called 'Build', this copper mode is dedicated to more technical users, they will set up the smart building, create spaces, add all technologies in Trigrr, build connections between devices and craft powerful scenarios and much more.

    • 02


      Owners or asset managers can now access the 'Manage' mode to easily monitor a smart building. The blue menu provides access a dashboarding tool and the ability to manage users and roles. It’s also in this mode that managers can authorize third party applications to interact with specific spaces and technologies.

    • 03


      The third mode is called 'Operate', this green mode is dedicated to tenants or office managers. It displays the end-user interface to control spaces and technologies in real time, it gives also access to an interactive 2D map and let users schedule smart experiences in synchronized calendars.

    Much more to discover on the 22nd of January

    The new navigation and it's 3 modes are just one of the new improvements that will be available with Trigrr 5.0. This major update is scheduled for January 22nd 2024.

    If you want to get more information about this new version don't hesitate to book an online demo and we will be happy to reveal a bit more about this next big release.

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