Trigrr 5.8 : Taking user-centricity to the next level

    New release

    Intuitive by design

    The brand-new release of Trigrr features a redesigned end-user interface with the same intuitive look and feel as the configuration interface. Trigrr 5.8 also introduces a new navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to jump from one room to another in the most natural way.

    This end-user interface is available to control all building technologies and launch smart scenarios. Available on a smartphone, desktop or tablet, it is designed for all building users, such as asset managers, technicians, tenants and employees.
    Depending on the user and role, this intuitive interface is available for a specific space, floor or even the whole building.

    Would you like to share relevant energy, comfort or health data? With Trigrr we can easily create the user interface of your dreams by adding buttons with a simple drag and drop interface builder.

    No-code interface builder

    This new version of Trigrr also comes with a redesigned end-user interface builder. With a simple click you can build your pages and adapt them for any screen to provide a suitable interface for all users.

    A complete library of buttons, HVAC controllers, widgets or side panels are ready to use to help the configurator build interfaces in minutes without using a single line of code.

    Improvements & fixes

    • The Scenario Builder has been improved to make it accessible to everyone. Simple blocks are now available by default in the library to create scenarios, and if you need more complex logic you can add advanced blocks. You can now definitely forget about the old Sequence Builder, which will soon be retired.
    • See the full hierarchy when hovering the space / equipment & feature classes in list view
    • Integration of 3 new Velbus modules: VMBDALI, VMBGP1 & VMB8DC-20
    • Performance improvements in forms

    Any technical questions or requests?
    Feel free to contact our development team.

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