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    An intuitive Building Operating System

    About our solution

    Compatible with 80,000+ devices, including lifts, HVAC, lighting, audio, Video, IoT and access control systems, Trigrr is a unified building operating system for running your commercial real estate efficiently.

    It brings together different apps made by different manufacturers so all your tenants can use their preferred tech without creating a complex spaghetti-like integration structure that is costly to maintain.

    Trigrr is like the Android operating system for building technology, making it easy to control everything seamlessly from different mobile devices accessing a single platform. Asset managers, owners and tenants can interact in a secure way with the technical solutions installed in the building.

    Combining hardware, software and data into one agnostic solution, Trigrr delivers a “no code” interface to manage smart buildings in an intuitive way, without anyone needing to script the interactions.

    Are you ready to embrace the power of the Internet of Things in your commercial building? Take a look at Trigrr!

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