It’s always the right moment to deploy a Trigrr

    Cost cutting and optimization

    Trigrr is a unique and cost-effective solution that can unify all building technologies. No more compatibility issues, this building operating system enables full interoperability between devices to transform any commercial building into a truly smart building.

    Already deployed in over 90 commercial buildings across Europe, Trigrr helps owners and asset managers improve efficiency, reduce costs and even increase asset value throughout the building lifecycle.

    Discover how Trigrr delivers a strong return on investment at each stage.

    Build: a Low tech approach to reduce Capex

    • The wide compatibility provided by Trigrr is perfect to lower costs in retrofit projects. Rely on existing technologies and mix them with new ones to reduce investment and decrease environmental impact.

    • Stay free from any hardware vendor lock-in. Choose your technologies and suppliers, Trigrr will take care of the full interoperability.

    You don’t need to over-invest in physical controllers all over the floor; occupants can control HVAC, screens, blinds, lighting or audio in real time with their smartphone.

    • Fast and affordable integration. With Trigrr you can choose your integrator partner to configure the place. 5 days is all it takes to set up a 100,000 sq ft building.

    • And of course, Trigrr is a software so it doesn’t need any extra hardware device to work.

    Manage: the agility that tenants want

    • Rent an innovative and distinctive smart building, certified by WiredScore. Trigrr gives you up to 72 credits so you can easily achieve SmartScore Gold certification.

    • Manage spaces, users and roles with complete flexibility to adapt your building technologies to the reality of your tenants.

    • No more integration costs. Connect multiple applications in the same building using the central Trigrr API.

    Get a centralised view of all data thanks to our powerful dashboard functionality. Share energy dashboards with tenants.

    Operate: Intuitive efficiency

    Intuitive cloud interface available to end users for real-time control on devices. Available on any screen, with credentials, QR code or temporary access. A smart building as simple as it should be.

    • Create intelligent scenarios in a simple and code-free interface to adapt building technologies to occupant behaviour in real time.

    • Use our 2D map to get a clear overview of a building: temperatures, occupancy, lighting... You can also interact in real time with devices in each room.

    • Activate automatic notifications to trigger emails to any facility manager when a problem occurs or a threshold is reached.

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