Discover Trigrr 4.0

    Building Operating System releases new version

    Trigrr announces the release of version 4.0 with an even more intuitive interface, increased stability, and an expanded protocol library. The Building Operating System also offers new pricing for integrators.

    Deployed in more than 225.000m² in Belgium and Luxembourg, Trigrr continues to grow. More and more property owners and developers are asking for a Building Operating System to ensure a flexible and sustainable installation. This innovative BOS continues to evolve to meet this growing demand.

    This December, the Trigrr team announces several key changes in its release:

    • Trigrr is fully customizable and controllable from the cloud, configurations can now be pushed remotely to the local server.
    • The Trigrr Tools feature allows you to add and test live any hardware in HTTP, API, TCP, UDP, PJlink, Telnet, MQTT. No need to use NodeRed, Postman or PacketSender.
    • Webhook and SignalR protocols join the many protocols already supported by the BOS.
    • Trigrr is Windows-free and now runs on Linux. No more unwanted Windows restarts.
    • Equipment and building lists are displayed as images for greater convenience and efficiency.
    • The Trigrr Marketplace application offering is expanded to easily integrate workplace management, energy management and parking management apps into the building.
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