Release note

    Trigrr 5.0

    Effective BOS for efficient smart buildings

    To improve the efficiency and intelligence of a commercial building, first take a step back and focus on your business objectives.

    Start imagining how technology can help you meet those challenges, rather than drowning in a deep technical ocean.
    Real estate technology should be at your service.

    Turning any commercial building into an efficient and intuitive smart building, that's Trigrr's motto! Thanks to our Building Operating System, you can be sure that all your technologies communicate with each other and are centralized in one global solution.

    And this new major release of our BOS makes this powerful solution accessible to all smart building users. Say goodbye to technical interfaces, coding or ugly design, with Trigrr 5.0 you can rely on a design and readable interface that can be managed by any type of user: asset managers, owners, tenants, end users and, of course, integrators.

    Design and intuitive interface

    Trigrr 5.0 introduces a completely new cloud user interface, designed after in-depth user experience research based on feedback from our customers and partners. Our product team redesigned the navigation between functionalities and streamlined templates. The goal was clear: to make this interface accessible to everyone and to avoid wasting time.

    Almost all pages are now available in 3 views: tiles, lists and tree views. So you can always choose your favourite one.

    The Tiles view lets you see each device with its image, making it more accessible than ever. List and tree views let you scroll through devices, spaces, users or scenarios faster, and use bulk actions.

    Filters are also always available at the top, so you can access them at any time to keep a clear view of the elements you need. Instantly sort by space, equipment class or brand.

    If you want to edit an item or make a connection between two technologies, you no longer have to switch from one page to another. Subpages are now always displayed in clever side panels.

    Mode Switcher

    The Trigrr product team introduces 3 specific modes inspired by the real estate phases of buildings: build, manage and operate.
    Each mode has its own navigation with the most relevant functionalities for that particular need.

    Of course, users can switch from one mode to another according to their roles and permissions, thanks to a beautiful switcher displayed at the bottom of the screen and available through a coloured drop-down menu.

    Quick Search tool

    As an advanced user, you might be looking for shortcuts. That is why our product team has developed a quick search tool that is always available on the navigation bar.

    If you are looking for a particular page or functionality, just type it in and it will take you straight to it. This feature is still in beta, but we think our integrator partners will love it!

    Think it, Trigrr it

    With Trigrr 5.0 we are pushing the boundaries of building automation. Our product team has redeveloped the Scenario Builder functionality to include new advanced blocks such as time-based conditions. Day and night, specific days, sunrise and sunset, smart scenarios will constantly adjust building behaviour according to any internal or external data that matters.

    If you have a business need in mind, don't bother your technical specialists - you can build your multi-technical workflows in minutes and deploy it immediately.


    This major release also includes a number of security and code improvements.

    Our end-user interface is evolving too and will be redesigned in the coming release.

    Any technical questions or requests?
    Feel free to contact our development team.

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