Building Operating System

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by interconnecting equipments,
giving meaning to data and
providing services to applications

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The problem & the solution

A building is made of different technicals silos, installed mostly by different contractors. When applications needs to be deployed, they are very often either linked to a specific technical domain, or the relationships between the different elements are scripted to answer the needs at one particular moment. Any change in such architecture is difficult and costly.
Imagine a world where an intermediate layer would connect all underlying equipments and provide services to the apps layer? This is the new way of making a building. The same way a phone has become smart thanks to it OS, the building becomes a Smart Building via its Building Operating System. 

At Trigrr, we know you want to be innovative and efficient. In order to do that, you need a platform to enable, simplify and centralize your smart building services.
The problem is, technology is always evolving. Without an OS to integrate and manage your smart building technologies, the cost and effort to integrate all these new technologies will become a burden. Which makes you feel concerned about the long term value of the property.
We believe your investment in building technology should set you up for success now and in the future. We understand that selecting the right technologies to future proof your building is a big challenge.

The main functions of a BOS?

1. Capture and control any type of data

The BOS must have the capacity to communicate and acquire heterogeneous data from various sources. The BOS must support any kind of communicating protocol, wired or wireless, in local or in the cloud.

2. Modeling and structuring data

To allow the different applications to access the data they need, it’s important to simplify the access to the data by creating an abstraction of different systems logic. The Trigrr BOS transforms every data into its generic ESTV language and meta-tag every data

3. Access to data

Once integrated and structured in an uniform way. The data are made available to other applications / services of the building ecosystem.

A documented REST API facilitates the work of all building stakeholders

The BOS connects your apps with your building equipments

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